Big John Outdoors is not a non-profit organization. However, we pledge to you that a significant percentage of the proceeds from Big John Outdoors will be designated to help secure Big John's future. Furthermore, efforts will be made to help other children get a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, children that otherwise would have no such opportunity. A large part of this pledge is being fulfilled through the Big John Outdoors Bass Classic and our partnership with Catch-A-Dream Foundation!




Big John Outdoors Headquarters is pictured here. This old cabin has been in our family since 1991, the year we purchased the land on which it is situated. At that time it had been abandoned for many years and a large thicket had grown up around it, so much so that many frequent travelers on the nearby gravel road did not even know it existed. After securing the land, we cleared out around it, fixed it up, and began using it on a regular basis. In 1997, we constructed the pond that can be seen behind the cabin.

Located in the Catahoula Hills outside of historic Harrisonburg, Louisiana, the old cabin has a number of very interesting features, including a double fireplace that opens both to the inside and out to the porch, vertical pine board walls with no studs, and one log wall that can be viewed from the inside. The log wall was evidently an original wall of a once-larger home place.

Big John has spent many nights in that old cabin with his grandpa and other family members. In the pond pictured in the background, Big John caught his first fish, caught his trophy 8-lb bass, and killed his first duck (a wood duck)! In the woods pictured in the background, Big John killed his first deer and also his famous doe! This is a special place to Big John and his family! What better place to designate as headquarters of Big John Outdoors? This very accurate and beautiful painting of the cabin was done by Anna Clayton several years ago. We are sad to say that Ms. Clayton has now passed from this life. It was her tradition to situate a northern cardinal somewhere in every one of her paintings. See if you can find it!


One of the greatest things about John Austin's original deer recovery video is that it's just Big John being Big John. He is an excitable young man with a huge personality and a tremendous passion for sports and outdoors. It is our intention to capture Big John's personality on camera as we follow him around the state and country watching him hunt and fish. Those adventures will be used to produce a  Big John Outdoor Adventures DVD series so that everyone can share in his journey! Those DVDs will be made available right here on our website, so be sure to check back here from time to time. We want you to tag along!

Big John was born in Natchez, Mississippi, but has spent most of his life in Central Louisiana. He has lived in Jena, Louisiana  for the last seven years and has been the manager for the Jena High School football and baseball teams during that time. Currently, he works at Ace Family Hardware in Jena and volunteers at the high school.

In addition to being a good shot with a firearm, Big John is also a good shot with a basketball! He has long been known as one of the best players of "HORSE" at the high school. In fact, during the Senior Night Basketball Game his senior year, Big John got to play in the varsity game where he sunk a three-point shot! A television news story was done on this event, and you can watch it here! Big John Makes a Three in Jena

Big John loves the outdoors and is an avid hunter and fisherman! He as spent many hours hunting and fishing over the course of his life, and has been blessed with many great experiences. We want to share those experiences with you!